Play intimate shows for your
biggest fans.

Enter a new era of touring.

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Where are your fans?

In the streaming centric era, your fans are likely to be worldwide. Now you can go and play for them. Here's how:

Post on your socials, telling your fans to apply.

Find the applications you like and put them on sale with the click of a button.

Hosts sell the tickets to their friends. No promotion needed.

The new Parlour platform

Map demand

The Parlour platform creates customised content and shows you where your fans are.

Quick payments

Parlour processes your payment quickly.

Upfront deposits

Hosts pay deposits in advance to fund your travel and other overheads.

Low overhead touring

No marketing, publicist or advertising costs. Your fans are your new promoters.

Established artists and up-and-comers.Anyone can play.

Parlour is for anyone with an audience.

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Monetize your fan base.

Your fans are everywhere. Go play for them.

Add Parlour to your revenue stream.

Go and make extra money wherever, whenever it suits you.



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