Parlour for Artists.

Parlour is a platform that helps you play for your biggest fans and their friends in new places with an engaged audience.
Find Your Fans

Touring with Parlour is easy

In just 3 steps you can be touring with Parlour

1. Gauge Demand

Ask your fans to apply by posting your Parlour profile on your socials. We provide you with an image/video.

2. Schedule Gigs

Choose when and where you want to play. Deposits are paid directly to you to fund your travel.

3. Play gigs

Access all your gig info in your dashboard. Play to engaged audiences and get paid fast!

Parlour has taken the connection between my audience and I to another level and changed the way I play live, for the better. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to meet the people who are passionate about the music I make.
Benny Walker
Playing a show in someone’s living room, house or backyard is one of the most comfortable, conversational and wonderful things to do. There’s something really different and special between you and the audience in these gigs and it’s a true love of mine.
Catherine Britt
Playing Parlour gigs has been a real joy. By the time I leave each show I feel like I have spent the afternoon or evening with my own family and friends!
Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans / Jebediah)
I really believe this is the future of touring for artists as it really puts the power in our hands. I also really enjoyed connecting with my fans on such an intimate level again.
Katy Steele (Little Birdy)

Spend time with your biggest fans.

Build a deeper connection.