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To celebrate one fucking fabulous year of music and words, WildnFree recently invited gigmasters Parlour and Melbourne indie-art-pop-electro producer Eastward to her tiny Northcote HQ, a one-bedroom flat where every WildnFree word is written with love. Bringing along projection artist Mr Fish, WildnFree HQ turned retro-psychedelic with wild and arty images splashed across the back wall, all created by Eastward’s talented grandmother in decades past. Eastward’s lose-yourself instrumental tunes got WildnFree‘s guests deep in the dreamy vibe, sitting close together getting their minds blown by all the beauty.

In their own words, WildnFree‘s birthday party guests said:

“Nailed it WildnFree! Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for the next Parlour party!”

“Freakin’ blew my mind. Fuck yes. Music in homes is the best. Eastward is amazing.”

“What a gig! Happy 1st Birthday WildnFree! Amazing night, loved every minute!”

“What a way to celebrate WildnFree’s first birthday with a gorgeous intimate music gig.”

“So happy to be celebrating one year of WildnFree! Here’s to much more success, happiness and pop-up gigs!”

Now, if WildnFree can host a Parlour gig in her tiny HQ, you have NO REASON not to throw one yourself! Make a birthday of your own memorable by booking a gig, it’s no-brainer easy, totally hassle-free and amazingly fun. If you haven’t already, check out Eastward’s music, WildnFree has loved it ever since that time Old Green Thumb made her day.

Review by Annelise at WildnFree
Video and Photos by Glenn Luck

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