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Liz Stringer

'Great night! Beautiful live music, great food and peeps - what more could you want!'

Those words pretty much sum up all the messages that landed the day after Liz Stringer played a Parlour gig at my place.

I first saw Liz in 2010 at the Chalk Horse, a friend's home come rehearsal/recording studio. Her heart, talent and humour just blew me away and I've wanted to return to that wonderful, intimate space ever since.

And last weekend we did! It was even better than the first time because it was my place and some of my favourite people.

'It was a beautiful night. Thank you SOO much. So much love in the room'.

Liz's acoustic set and warm, funny, sometimes raw stories have become part of the story of my much-loved home, as has one of many Lebanese soul food feasts from my much-loved neighbours of 15 years.

'It was so good seeing Liz at your place - so warm and friendly with so many good people. Anyone was beautiful and made me cry'.

For me, her story about writing Anyone and the making of the video sums her up as a performer. Raw, honest, generous, and a large heart.

I'm so happy I brought my friends together to see one of music's great talents do a memorable pre-tour gig. Can't wait for Howler on September 17!

Thank you Liz and thank you Parlour for #bringingmusichome.

Review by Host, Janet.
Photos & Video by Glenn Luck

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