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Residual put the finishing touches on what was a huge 2016, with a stripped back, intimate Parlour Gig on 3rd of December, nestled away in their hometown of Geelong.

Last year, Residual went from strength to strength; with sold-out shows, a regional Victorian tour, a hugely successful residency at The Workers Club in Melbourne, were voted #1 in 5Why’s '5 of the Best Local Live Acts of 2016' and named in Forte Magazine’s '20 Bands in Regional Vic Who Killed it in 2016'. What better way to top it off than a Parlour Gig in their hometown!?

Performing for competition winner, Abby and her enthusiastic friends, the band opened the back-yard show with Haunt and played crowd favourites, as well as merging the worlds of Chet Faker and Taylor Swift with their well known cover of 'Shake It Off / Talk Is Cheap'. The small but energetic audience eagerly sang along to the dulcet, strikingly powerful tones of vocalist Sam Burtt.

These Geelong-based boys bring an incredible dynamic to the larger stages, which translated beautifully to a smaller space, allowing the audience to soak in the energy, Residual have become known for. The usual banter between Burtt and guitarist Andrew Rankin was a welcome addition, making the audience laugh just as much as they sang. What a way to end the year!

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