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The Mae Trio

I had never heard of Birregurra. It’s one of those country town names with lots of R’s and vowels that I struggle to get in the right order. However you say it, it sounds far away. But I was overdue for an escape to the country and Fiona from the Arts Council in Birregurra gave me the perfect opportunity.

We checked out the woolshed first and foremost with Elsie, Maggie and Anita, the three wonderfully talented ladies that make up, The Mae Trio. Amongst the crutchings (which I believe to be the off-cuts from a sheep's behind), shearing equipment and aesthetically dusty floor, we found an excitingly perfect setting for the evenings Parlour gig.

After a lavish and delicious feast, supplied by Anne at her beautiful 150-year-old house and a glass of red by her fireplace, we made the short trip back up the road to Sue and Al’s woolshed.

Playing an assortment of instruments, including; violin, banjo, guitar and cello, The Mae Trio immediately silenced the friendly country crowd. Their sublime harmonies cut right through you and you were enticed into the playfulness of their music. There’s a fullness you wouldn’t expect from a three piece, due to the way they use their instruments as melody as well as percussion. An acapella version of ‘Glory Bound’ by the Wailin’ Jennys showcased their vocal abilities and sent an adoring hush around the woolshed.

Once thoroughly entertained, we all gathered around the bonfire under stars you could actually see. Eventually retiring to my home for the night thanks to Judy and Andrew, with coffee and croissants in the morning.

I had never heard of Birregurra, but it’s a bloody great place.

Review by Glenn Luck
Photos and Video by Glenn Luck

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